the Colts finally began the process of working Luck back into the swing of practice.

We’ll slowly start working him back into practice this week, Ballard said on a radio show Oct. 2, via ESPN. We’ll see how much he gets. But we’ve got a plan in place to where we want him to start getting him reps, and then in time, as we can get him incorporated back into team work and all that, we’ll get him back on the field.

Video of Luck’s first practices showed him throwing tentatively and slowly. More than a week into his return to the practice fields, the Colts tweeted a video that showed Luck throwing deep passes much more comfortably.

The team has dragged this thing out, but it’s clear Luck isn’t healthy enough to play. The Colts will look to Brissett to carry the team for the rest of the season.

The mechanism has come to be called an integrity fee by both supporters and opponents. How it work: Sportsbooks would pay some amount of the handle — the total amount bet — into a fund that would then go to the leagues. The gaming industry does not like that idea. A tax on handle is significantly more expensive than the taxes casinos already face, which are only on revenue. Gaming operators are used to paying taxes when they make money, but an integrity fee would have them shell out for both winning and losing bets.

His biggest strength is his versatility, which is the kind of trait that’s been rewarded in Brady’s offenses. Brown’s had 31 carries for the Steelers, and the biggest what if in this scenario may not involve Brady’s deep balls to Brown, but all the different ways Bill Belichick would deploy him. He’d come up with formations the rules committee would later have to declare illegal just to get the ball in Brown’s hands 20 times per game.

The team still intends to do community service events in Washington, but will now do so at a later date.

For the record (per sources): Eagles players didn’t decide to cancel community events in DC after the White House snub. Team ownership decided to remain in Philly and just have a regular work day. Players plan to reschedule events later in the summer.

This decision by the White House has led to the cancellation of several player-led community service events for young people in the Washington, D.C. area, its statement read. NFL players love their country, support our troops, give back to their communities and strive to make America a better place.

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